Khoat Make Multi Channel Indicator

Khoat Make Multi Channel Indicator
Product Description

Khoat Make KH105-D Multi Channel Indicator
KH105-D multi-channel indicator (max.48 channels) is a process indicator for single and multi-point measuring and circular display; automatically circular display with flexible interval time setting and manual selection display can be available and shifted flexibly; universal input such as thermocouple, thermal resistance, current and voltage, can work with kinds of sensors and transducers to measure accurately temperature, pressure, liquid level, gravity, instantaneous flow and others; adopts SMT technology, modular structure output functions such as relay, auxiliary power supply for sensors output, print and communication etc, easy and flexible to updating and configuration. The alarm output can be set as HA, HHA, LA, LAA flexibly. The real time data can be printed by connecting mini printer through RS232 port; also can be monitored and read in PC by PC support software through RS485 or RS232 port. Modern universal MODBUS communication protocol is available for remote communication with max. baud rate 19200 bit/s.

1. Specification

  • Accuracy: +0.2% FS+1odigit

  • Sampling rate: 0.5s

  • Power voltage:85-240VAC; 24VDC

  • Power consumption:<5W

  • Display Interval time: 1-240S

  • Regular Print Interval:0-9999

  • Scaling: -999 to 9999

  • Hysteresis: 0-2000

  • Offset: : -999 to 9999

  • Filter:0-99

  • Input Signal:T.C.: K, S, E, J, T, B, N,RTD: PT100, CU50, CU100,Linear voltage: 0-5V, 1-5V,Linear current: 0-10mA, 4-20mA

  • Output Module:

R1A: Relay output (0.8A, NO)
R1B: Relay output (0.8A,NO+NC)
P: RS232 printing port
S1: Photoelectric isolated RS485 communication port
S2: Photoelectric isolated RS232 communication port
U1/U2/U3:5V/12V/24V auxiliary power supply

  • Ambient Temperature:0-50C

  • Ambient Humidity :0-85%RH

  • Size: 160x80x105mm

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